Lordi Byronin runosuomennos

Lordi Byronin runosuomennos

Hei, saisinko tästä tekstistä suomennoksen, sikäli kuin sellainen on laadittu? Tarvitsisin myös tiedot lähteestä. Not a fatter fish than he flounders in the Polar sea. See he blubbers at his gills; what a world of drink he swills! Every fish of generous kind scuds aside or shrinks behind; But about his presence keep all the monsters of the deep. Name or title what has he? Is he Regent of the sea? By his bulk and by his size, by his oily qualities, This (or else my eyesight fails) this should be the Prince of Whales.


Kyseinen katkelma on George Byronin runosta The Triumph of the Whale, jota ei valitettavasti ole suomennettu.​

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