Account temporarily locked down?

Account temporarily locked down?

Mihin email-osoitteeseen tästä voisi antaa googlelle palautetta? kuten englanniksi tai suomeksi. "Unusual Usage - Account Temporarily Locked Down To keep our systems healthy, Google has temporarily disabled your account. This primarily occurs when we detect unusually high levels of activity on your account. In most cases, it should take one hour to regain access. In rare cases, it can take up to 24 hours for access to be reinstated. Sorry for the inconvenience. Here are some reasons why this could have happened: Receiving, deleting or downloading large amounts of mail via POP or IMAP in a short period of time. Sending a large number of messages to many people. Being logged in to or synchronising Gmail on many computers, clients or mobile devices. Browser-related issues. If you find your browser continually reloading while attempting to access your Inbox, it’s probably a browser issue and it may be necessary toclear your browser’s cache and cookies. Providing access to file sharing, file-storage software, email analytics services, browser extensions or third-party software that automatically logs in to your Gmail account. For more help with troubleshooting this issue, click here. For Google Apps users, please contact your administrator, if you have any further issues. ©2014 Google " .


Jos tilisi ei ole alkanut toimia 24 tunnin kuluessa sen lukkiutumisesta, voi kokeilla esim. sivustoa osoitteessa " Ilmoitukset epätavallisesta toiminnasta."

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