To whom it may concern,I am a librarian at a primary school in Slovenija.

To whom it may concern,I am a librarian at a primary school in Slovenija.

To whom it may concern,

I am a librarian at a primary school in Slovenija. I'm currently writting my masters on Finland's school libraries.

I have already found some information on the internet. However, I am having trouble finding information about the history of school libraries in Finland.

It also interest me how these school libraries are financed. Are they financed by the state or by the local municipality? Furthermore, I am interested in knowing if there are the other sources of funding available to school libraries?

Moreover, what level of education must librarians have in order to be employed in school libraries and where in Finland can this education be obtained?

Also, it would be interesting to know what kind of system is implemented in Finland for teaching students about library and how use it? Are teachers or librariens responsible for this subject?

Any sort of response and answer to these question would be much appreciated.
Thank you for your time.

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In Finland there is a system of public municipal libraries, which covers the whole country. It is financed by each municipality and the government. In addition, there is a network of scientific libraries, which consists of libraries of universities and research institutes. All of these have an open access to public.

However, in Finland there is no extensive school library system, but some schools may have libraries of their own. They are usually managed by teachers on a voluntary basis. The reason for this is that all municipal libraries use a major part of their resources for maintaining and developing departments of children’s items (books, music, DVDs, CD roms, computers). Children are encouraged to use the library from an early age. Kindergarten and primary school teachers bring groups of children to the library to learn how to use the library. Librarians can also visit schools to tell the children about interesting books.

There is no examination for school librarians in Finland, but many librarians who work in children’s departments have included some special studies in their examination. It is possible to become a librarian after studying information sciences at a university or at a college or a polytechnic, please see following links:

You might be interested in searching material for your examination on the database of the library of the University of Helsinki:

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