Where do you buy gasoline?

Where do you buy gasoline?

Where do you buy gasoline? In the U.S we call them gas stations, and they usually have a small convienience store inside. Do you have anything similar and if so whats the largest chain that could be found in Southern Finland. I was also wondering if you have regular conveinient stores, and what are some popular ones?
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We buy gasoline on gas stations exactly as you do in the U.S. But we pay about 4 times as much as you do. The companies are more or less the same international companies: Esso, Shell. Neste-oil is owned by a Finnish energy corporation Fortum. Actually a Finnish retail co-operative bought most of Esso-gas stations in December 2006. They will turn into ABC-service stations.


On the following page you’ll find statistics concerning the Finnish gas stations:

On the gas stations we have coffee-shops and convenience stores, where you can buy daily consumer goods. They have actually become very popular in recent years. We have kind of convenience stores in cities as well. The small shops (the floor area under 400 square meters) have longer opening hours, from 7-9 am. until 9 or 10 pm. and they are allowed to stay open also on Sundays, all the year round. Some are open even on Christmas day. The assortment of articles in some of these shops is actually quite wide. Depending on the neighbourhood you may find even real gourmet-food.
Some popular stores in Southern Finland are: Siwa, Alepa. They both are chains.



There are also kiosks, called R-kioski, which are very close to convenience stores. In addition to newspapers and magazines they have a small variety of daily consumer goods as well.

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