where can i find used laptop in helsinki with reasonable price?

where can i find used laptop in helsinki with reasonable price?

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You can try the following computer shops in Helsinki:


I can’t tell you if their prices are reasonable, but you can visit them or call them to find out what they can offer for sale. Their sites are only in Finnish, so it’s not so easy to check them if you don’t understand Finnish very well. “Kannettava” is a laptop in Finnish. Of course, it’s always a risk to buy a used computer, but I hope you can find a suitable laptop.

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The list above is a good one, but you should also contact Cimos Oy (sales@cimos.fi, www.cimos.fi, https://www.facebook.com/poistoerat). Here's a text from the webpage:

"High quality. Ecological. Affordable. Where do our laptops come from?


The computers we sell originate from major Finnish companies that renew their hardware every few years. In comparison to market laptops, these computers are built to endure, with quality components. As the laptops are used, we are able to sell them with a fraction of their original price, including a guarantee for a minimum of six months.


For us, reselling quality computers is the future. Cimos Oy has recycled electronics since 1992 and is thus a Finnish pioneer in the field.


For more informations on our products and services, see our website: www.cimos.fi"


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