what do finnish teenagers do after school and on the holidays?

what do finnish teenagers do after school and on the holidays?


Probably you would like to find some information about Finnish young people’s spare time activities in English. Search in Helsinki region public library catalogue (http://www.helmet.fi ) didn’t give many results. Here is one publication that might be useful for you: Suoranta, Juha: Children in the information society : the case of Finland (New York : Peter Lang Publishing, cop. 2004). The book is dealing with subjects like children and young people, information society, media culture, spare time, computers, computer games.

There is a special library in Helsinki, Nuorisotiedon kirjasto, Youth information library (http://www.alli.fi/sivu.php?artikkeli_id=20). The information specialist of the library told that there is not much material on the subject even in Finnish.

Here are some publications she recommended:
Keskinen, Vesa: Kiirettä pitää. Kaverit, koti, koulu ja nuorten vapaa-aika Helsingissä 2000 (Helsinki: Helsingin kaupungin tietokeskus 2001), in Finnish but summary in English included.
Suomen tilastollinen vuosikirja 2006 (statistical Yearbook of Finland 2006); Youth in Finland (2004), report, also in internet on page http://www.minedu.fi/export/sites/default/OPM/Julkaisut/2004/liitteet/yo... ;
Viattomuudesta vimmaan. Lapsuudesta nuoruuteen – siirtymävaiheen tarkastelua , Kuure Tapio et al. (Helsinki: Nuorisotutkimusseura, Nuora, Stakes 2002) (short summaries in English included) ;
Tilastokeskus, Vapaa-aikatutkimus 2002 (Statistics Finland, Leisure survey) http://www.stat.fi/til/vpa/index.html (also in English).
Statistical information about youth in Finland you can find on page
http://www.alli.fi/sivu.php?artikkeli_id=4&luokitus_id=2, but in Finnish.

In Youth information library’s database http://pretty.alli.fi you can search material in English using search word fin-eng.

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