What are the most northern public libraries in Scandanavia?

What are the most northern public libraries in Scandanavia?


There are several public libraries in the northern parts of Scandinavia - as there is in Scandinavia in general.


The most northern public library in Scandinavia is in Svalbard (an archipelago in the Arctic Ocean). Svalbard is a part of Norway. The library is in Longyearbyen, the largest settlement in Svalbard. It's approximate latitude is 78,2° North.

The most northern one in the mainland (latitude 71,1° North) is Gamvik public library, in the commune of Gamvik, Norway. There is a main library and two branch libraries in the Gamvik commune.

At the latitude 70,9° North there is the public library of Nordkapp, also in Norway.

In the northern parts of Norway (provinces Finnmark, Troms and Nordland) there are 15 public libraries in total, including a mobile library.


The most northern public library in Finland is in the commune of Utsjoki (69,9° North).

Utsjoki is in the Lapland province of northern Finland. In Lapland, there are 20 different public libraries, including a mobile library.


The most northern library in Sweden is the Kiruna public library (67,9° North).

There are 37 public libraries in total (branch libraries included) and several mobile libraries in the province of Norrbotten, in North Sweden.


The northernmost public library in Iceland is Bolungarvíkur library (66.2° North)

In Iceland there are 77 public libraries in total.

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