Please would you tell me what 'skropeloida' means. Is it dialect or does it perhaps come from Swedish? Veijo Meri uses it in Chapter 1 of 'Manillaköysi': "Skropeloi mitä skropeloit". I would guess that it means 'touch', 'feel' etc. Also Eero Paloheimo uses it several times in an article entitled 'Residentti Rumpille' on his website ( The second paragraph begins: "Muijia saa hipelöidä, muttei skropeloida" , although he seems to be contradicting himself in the last paragraph: "Skropeloi muijia vaikka kuinka ..." What is the difference between 'hipelöidä' and 'skropeloida'?


There's no such a word as "skropeloida" in Nykysuomen sanakirja or any other Finnish language dictionary. It can be considered like a dialect or slang word. Helsinki slang has variations: skrobata, skropata, kropata. Skropeloida has the same meaning=kopeloida.

Hipelöidä means something like to touch carefully, touch softly, but when somebody skropeloi or kopeloi he is acting more rude and with hard hand. Kopeloiminen ja skropeloiminen both have a slight feeling of sexual harrasment.

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