Products bear moomin characters

Products bear moomin characters

Hi, Could you tell me how many products bear moomin characters so far? Thank you.


I'm afraid it is impossible to find out the number of products bearing moomin characters.

It seems that there are hundreds of manufacturers around the world who are licensed to produce different products with moomin figures.

To find out more about the licensing policy, please read this website: , where it is said as follows:

"Moomin has become a world-wide brand with more than 450 licensees world-wide. To become a license you will need to provide a business plan including a wide distribution network and products with high quality which can live up to the brand values. From our professional knowledge of local retail markets, we co-ordinate branded retail campaigns and fairs around the world together with our international partners."

Apart from these licensed companies there are probably countless firms who violate the copyright and make moomin products without a license.

So, an academic guess to answer your question might be: tens of thousands.

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