Politician's statues in Helsinki and Finland

Politician's statues in Helsinki and Finland

Hello, Could you tell me how many politician statues are in Helsinki as well as in the whole Finland in comparison with cultural figures? I presume that number of cultural figure statues are bigger than politician statues. But I am not sure. Thank you very much. P.S. For instance Mannerheim vs. Eino Leino


I’m afraid it is not possible to give an exact answer to this question. There are some printed sources like publication Sculptures and monuments in Helsinki,1982, published by the Helsinki City Tourist Office. That one is of course old and unfortunately they don’t publish it any more so there are not any newer versions.

Then there are some books in Finnish, like Löytöretki muistomerkeille, pääkaupunkiseudun julkiset teokset, 2006, and Pääkaupunkiseudun julkiset muistomerkit ja taideteokset: patsasbongarin opas, 1998, both by Antero Rautio; Suomen muistomerkit. Osa XIII: Helsinki, 2002; Veistosten kaupunki: taidetta Helsingin katukuvassa, 2000, by Erik Kruskopf; Sunnuntaikävelyllä Helsingissä: 52 reittiä historiaa ja nähtävyyksiä, 2010, by Pauli Jokinen.

On HAM’s (Helsinki Art Museum) homepage there is a special section for public sculptures https://www.hamhelsinki.fi/en/public-sculptures/. A staff member at HAM suggested trying a search with keywords ”president”, ”statesman” or ”politician” or ”poet”, ”writer”, ”painter” for example. You get some results but nothing comprehensive. He also said that in Helsinki there is some kind of monument for each Finnish president: a statue  (Svinhufvud, Ståhlberg, Kallio, Ryti, Relander, UKK) or lately there is more often a square named after a president (Koivisto, Ahtisaari) or a park (Tarja Halonen). In general after getting independence and already during the autonomy period many painters and other famous persons got a statue: J. L. Runeberg, Z.Topelius, Miina Sillanpää, Aleksis Kivi, Eino Leino for example.

HAM’s specialist told me that he cannot give any numbers concerning the whole of  Finland. Regarding Helsinki it could be possible, but requires a lot of work, listing and counting. There isn’t any database or other system where it is possible to get the amounts right away.


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