Laguage courses

Laguage courses

I want to know if it is possible that I can get a Library card for taking the Finnish languages courses if Im not a resident yet? Im waiting for the reply of the police deparment but I so interesting to lear the languages in advance.



You can get a library card for Helmet libraries (Helsinki Metropolitan Area Libraries) in any Helmet library, if you have an address here in Finland. In order to get a library card, you also need to have with you an identification card accepted by libraries and with your picture on it (for example, a passport). If you do not have a Finnish social security number, the library card will be valid for one year at a time. The card can be renewed after each year.

Below you can find a couple of links to Helmet libraries' webpages, where you find instructions in English on how to get a library card for Helmet libraries. You can also come and visit any Helmet library, and we will gladly answer your questions concerning getting a Helmet library card.

You can always come to any Helmet library and read the library's Finnish language materials there, for that you do not need a library card. You only need the card when you want to check out materials to take them home with you. There are also free Finnish language discussion groups in several Helmet libraries, organized by different societies and associations. You do not need a library card to attend these groups. You can ask for more information on these discussion groups from Helmet libraries.  

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