Inquiry letter

Inquiry letter

Hello, I wonder is there any graded or leveled reading services for children in your library?and how exactly that is offered? I am looking forward to hearing from you! thank you all very much! Tory 5.15, 2018


Helmet libraries participate in two leveled reading programs. If you are interested in an English language program, the best option is the Reading Diploma. The Vantaa city library provides reading lists for different grades and covering different genres. There are short tasks that accompany the reading. When the program is completed the student gets a diploma.

The Reading Diploma is usually carried out in schools. Students work through the reading lists and complete the tasks with the help of their teacher. However, in certain cases if children want to try and earn the diploma outside of school, they can talk to a librarian at their local Helmet  library.

You can read more about the Reading Diploma here: The pages are in English as well.

A second program is the Kunnari reading diploma. It is similar to the above mentioned Reading Diploma. However, it is apparently not offered in English. You can find more information about the program in Finnish here:

Another reading program offered by the library is the Story Diploma. This program is designed, among other things, to encourage reading in families. To earn a diploma you have to read 10 books from the list. You can read more about how it works from the Reading Diploma website:

As always you can get more information at your local Helmet library.

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