I would like information on Helsingfors Central Tryckeri Och Bokbindderi Aktiebolag.

I would like information on Helsingfors Central Tryckeri Och Bokbindderi Aktiebolag.

This company was in business in the 1920's. Did they teach students? I have a report card dated 23 March 1920, which indicates my mother attended a course there.

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Helsingfors centraltryckeri och bokbinderi Ab (in Swedish), or Helsingin Keskuskirjapaino ja kirjansitomo Oy (in Finnish), was founded in 1889. In English the name translates roughly as the Helsinki Central Printing House and Bookbinder. In the beginning it also went by the finnish name Helsingin sentraalikirjapaino ja kirjansitomo osakeyhtiö. The printing house was responsible for printing, among other things, parliamentary documents as well as the literary works and scientific books of many Swedish language publishers. In 1897 the relatively large E.A. Favorin bookbinder became part of the Helsinki Central Printing House.  The premises were located at Erottaja 4 and later Bulevardi 2. In 1924 the company moved to a new printing house at Dagmarinkatu 4-6. Another company, Multiprint Oy, took over the Helsinki Central Printing House’s operations in 1973.

Until the 1920’s it was customary to learn book printing skills at the workplace. The field did not have its own formal education. The city of Helsinki’s book printing school was founded in 1919. The certificate she received in 1911 looks like a work certificate. “Etikettsätterska i askfabriken” means that she actually worked in a packaging factory, in other words, she would have done factory work to produce various kinds of paperboard packaging. There was a packaging factory on the premises of the Helsinki Central Printing House on Dagamarinkatu. According to one source the workers who made paperboard packaging were young girls and had the lowest status in the social hierarchy of the printing and bookbinding workers.







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