I wanted information on petrol.

I wanted information on petrol.

I wanted information on petrol. I believe that when we store petrol in a proper gas station, a daily rate of 4-5 litres evaporates every 24 hours. If it does, are there any measures to control the evaporation to the minimum.

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Gasoline stations here in Finland have collecting system for gasoline fumes. It´s called “Phase 1 collecting system”.
The system collects evaporated gasoline released to the tank during refill or storage in gaseous form from the special build air-vents of the tank. The fumes will be collected back to the empty gas truck, and transported back to oil refinery for re-liqufication.

The “Phase 2 collecting system” is build in gasoline automats / meters. It collects gasoline evaporated during huffing gas.

Source: Document of Espoo city´s environmental board (envinronment licence proceeding for the gas stations) (source in finnish)


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