I have questions about food as below.1.

I have questions about food as below.1.

I have questions about food as below.
1. Are all the yogurt sold in the market contain lactobasilas?
2. We have been taught not to eat raw meat as it might have some parasite or disease. However, why salami or dried sausages selling are ok. What is the way we get rid of those parasites or disease by drying?


Two species of bacteria (Lactobacillus sp. and Streptococcus sp.) convert pasteurized milk to yogurt during a period of controlled fermentation. In most countries a product may be called yogurt only if live bacteria are present in the final product. These bacteria, however, are not harmful. They are actually regarded as beneficial food supplements.

More about yogurt:

Salami, metwurst and similar sausages are uncooked but safe to eat without cooking because they have been cured and often smoked, too, like Finnish metwursts.

The manufacturing process of salami type sausages is explained in the following articles:

If you live in Finland, there really is no reason to worry about parasites or diseases. Foodstuffs are controlled to ensure their suitability for human consumption. Someone has said that food control in Finland extends from stable to table.

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