how many buildings are there on manhattan island?

how many buildings are there on manhattan island?


We sent your question to New York Public Library and received the following answer:

From the book titled, "It Happened in New York" by Fran Capo and Frank Borzellieri, it states "It has one million buildings."

Capo, F. & Borzellieri, F. (2007). It Happened in New York.
Guilford, CT: Morris Book Publishing, LLC

As of August 2008, New York City has 5,538 highrise buildings,with 50 completed skyscrapers taller than 656 feet (200 m).
Tall Building Statistics for New York City

5,796 existing
222 demolished
164 under construction
141 planned
71 unbuilt
Accessed September 18, 2009

Also, keep in mind buildings are contructed and demolished daily so the numbers of buildings change in time.

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According to a website below, as of 2008-07-01, there were 1,634,795 people living in these buildings.

We sent the question also to the New York City’s Department of Building and we received the following answer:

As per your recent request, NYC DOB has a record of 53,339 properties in our system for Manhattan.

Anthony D. Imbesi
Executive Director, IT

This means that the c. one million buildings consists of the above mentioned number of properties.

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