How can i stop my karma?

How can i stop my karma?

I feel terribly today looking back at my life. My ex didn't want kids and i tricked him into it by not taking my pill. I left him after for another girl like me. I have visited her many times with my kids and she was very nice. We had been together for 3 years in a long distance and when she came to visit last month i cheated on her, insulted her and left her stranded. I also borrowed $3000 from her and told her i would return them soon, but i didnt, and when she asked for them i told her i would pay when i could, cause i cant pay and that she was low for asking for the money back. She got so pissed she moved away and i don't know where she is. I must tell her i have herpes, but i cant reach i feel quilt...what can i do? will i get karma? I also used her so much...i was blind back then, now i realized what i lost....i'm a horrible human being, how can i live with myself???? how can i stop my karma? I also live of kela and have used many people ...i cant live with this worry i will pay it all back later in life...what can i do to stop my karma??? please help!


To make it clear. In the real sense of the word it’s not you who suffer from karma now, but your friends you cheated.

According to the law of karma we receive what we give. Our deeds go on vibrating and we maybe suffer for what we did either in this life or in the subsequent ones.

But in fact karma is not good or bad. It is the underlying law of existence. Karma is like an anchor either holding us back or giving us the possibility to go consciously more deeply into the nature of our

Spiritual teachers say that karma can be burned. There are manifold techniques for releasing karma.

The technique of forgiveness is surely one of the most powerful ways to stop karma. So what about
working it out with your friends you mistreated and start here.


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