how can an english speaking foreighner find a job in helsinky? Is volentary job possible?

how can an english speaking foreighner find a job in helsinky? Is volentary job possible?

how do a english speaking foreigner find a job in helsinky?


Jobs in Helsinki gives you information on free vacancies and jobs in Helsinki.

"Both employed and unemployed jobseekers can register as jobseekers with an employment office. You will usually need to visit an employment office in person initially to register; however you can also complete the jobseeker registration form online and new jobseekers can submit their forms electronically to the employment office.

Employment offices offer services to different jobseeker groups, including young people, those requiring vocational rehabilitation, immigrants, maritime sector employees, those entering or leaving Finland to look for work as well as recent university graduates. A few employment offices also provide temporary agency work services free of charge. You can also look for work using the labor administration's online service (Avoimet työpaikat) that provides information about thousands of job vacancies.

You can also use the Paikkavahti jobwatch service and receive notification of vacancies by e-mail. One way of looking for work is to post your details on the CV-netti service. These online services are only available in Finnish and Swedish."

"Volunteer work does not pay a salary, but the work experience may prove useful when you apply for paid work. Directly contact the organisation you would like to volunteer in. If you receive unemployment benefits, find out from your Employment and Economic Development Office whether volunteer work has an impact on your benefits. In some cases, volunteer work can be included in your integration plan." Read more on voluntary work at Infopankki.

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