To Helsinki City LibraryHello.I live in Japan.

To Helsinki City LibraryHello.I live in Japan.

To Helsinki City Library

I live in Japan. In the book which I introduced education of Finland to, I knew the website of this place.
Our family (a couple and 7-year-old daughter) is going to go to Helsinki and Rovaniemi in December of this year. According to the guidebook, public transport and shops are not open in Finland on Christmas holiday from December 24 to 26th.
Are shops and restaurants of the city area of Rovaniemi open during 26th from December 24? We are going to stay at the remote hotel from the city area. We want to use a taxi to do city sightseeing and shopping. Will the taxi be open? Then please show the restaurant which can enjoy dinner of Christmas in Rovaniemi.
We look forward to meet Aurora and Santa Claus. Furthermore, please teach what we should experience in Rovaniemi.



It's great to have you here in Finland in December!

Here are some useful information concerning Rovaniemi.

Santa park is open on 26th of December. Santa Claus Village is open 24.12. at 9-15 and 25.12. at 12-17. Arktikum is open on 25 and 26.12. It is a science centre and a museum.
Its exhibitions lead you through Arctic areas’ and Finnish Lapland’s history and modern day.

Below is the Rovaniemi tourist website which should be helpful to you. You can also e-mail Rovaniemi tourist office and ask them about the restaurants which are open during the Christmas holiday. Taxes are in traffic despite the holiday. Ordinary shops and stores are closed during Christmas (24-26.12).

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