Hello !I'm a librarian in France, and I'm very interested in your radio on the...

Hello !I'm a librarian in France, and I'm very interested in your radio on the...

Hello !
I'm a librarian in France, and I'm very interested in your radio on the Internet (kansalaismedia.lasipalatsi.
fi.). I 've read what you say about it in your annual report 2008, but I'd like to have more information : do you have an annual report 2009 (maybe you haven't finished it...)? Who manages the radio? How long do you have to work until a program is achieved? Do you know which people listen to your radio programs? Do you create programs for a specific public (for instance : special programs for students, retired people...). If you have special reports about this radio, I would be happy to read them.
Thank you very much,
With regards
Céline, Lyon (France)


Hi Céline!

Unfortunately we don´t have the yet the annual report 2009. But here are some answers:

Aapo Rikala is our audio producer. He is in charge of all the radio programs by Helsinki City Library.

It depends on the program how much time is needed to do it. At the moment we have four different types of programs.
They are:
- Secrets of City (in Finnish "Stadin salaisuudet"), a program based on answers published in Information Gas Station and that concern Helsinki, duration less than a minute. The work includes editing the answer and making it suitable for radio.
- The book of the week about Helsinki ("Viikon helsinkiläinen kirja"), a program which presents a book, duration 2-3 minutes. The program is edited by our editors in Modern Finnish Writers. See: http://kirjailijat.kirjastot.fi/en-GB/
- One minute hint ("Minuutin vinkkaus"), one minute long book hint. The program is edited by personel in Kallio Library children´s department.
- My library ("Minun kirjastoni"), interview of a well known person about his/ her´s own library, duration 5 minutes.

These programs are broadcasted in Radio Helsinki. Radio Helsinki´s audience is mainly young adults living in Helsinki metropolitan area.

For example One minute hint the target audience is little childrens parents or grandparents. We have no special programs for students or retired people.

I hope this information is useful for You. If you have more questions please contact Mr. Aapo Rikala (aapo.rikala@hel.fi).

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