Hello, I am korean and I visited Finland last week.

Hello, I am korean and I visited Finland last week.

Hello, I am korean and I visited Finland last week. Finland is close to the Arctic and I heard that they have clean water, so I expected to see clean water. However, the water where I saw in Turku and Helsinki was not so clean. It was rather green. I wasn't able to see lakes, but saw the sea which had many summer houses near by. I asked a few Finnish, but couldn't get any answers. It would be really nice if I can get an answer from you. Thank you.


A major study on Finnish water quality was made approximately 10 years ago. According to that study (years 2000–2003) the quality of water was excellent or good in 80 % of the classified lake area and in 73 % of the sea area. In general, the water quality in rivers was worse than in lakes, because human activities, such as agriculture and development, are concentrated along rivers. In addition, many rivers are sensitive to the effects of nutrient loading because of their low flow rates. Some 43 % of rivers were classified as excellent or good quality. These rivers are mostly located in northern Finland.

The water in the Gulf of Finland, where you visited, is now in rather poor condition due to the fallouts and pollution also from the neigbouring countries. Northern parts of Finland, Lappland and its water resources (lakes, brooks and rivers) remain much cleaner than in the rest of the country.

Sources and further information:
http://www.ymparisto.fi/download.asp?contentid=50897&lan=en (especially page number 26)

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