Dier sir/ madamei would like to know about Lupelius.

Dier sir/ madamei would like to know about Lupelius.

Dier sir/ madame

i would like to know about Lupelius. A catholic monk who lived the 10th century.
He referred to the book "The school of god" and according to the writter was a real person

thank you


According to profesor Stefano d'Anna, Monk Lupelius was a bizarre figure of a philosopher, born in Ireland one thousand years ago. He had created a School based on the belief that death is not ineluctable, it can be overcome, as it is just the fruit of mankind’s negative imagination. According to Lupelius, death is no more than a superstition, the bad habit of a hypnotized humanity. Using original methods and his unique principles, he prepared a new race of unbeatable warriors. His book supposed to found in the ancient library of Yeveran, in Armenia. The manuscript was written in a mixture of vernacular English and Latin and was untitled but the original title was supposed to have been The School for Gods.

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