Dear ladies and gentlemen,I'd like to ask you for more information about iGS on...

Dear ladies and gentlemen,I'd like to ask you for more information about iGS on...

Dear ladies and gentlemen,

I'd like to ask you for more information about iGS on the radio in english language.

Which year was the beginning of the iGS-radio-service?

How is iGS on air constructed?

Who is responsible this information-service?

On which ways the users can send their radio-questions?
Will it be answered just in time by librarians live in the program or are the answers prepared before the program?

What kind of questions will be choosen?

What about the lenght of the program? - How much time is there to answer the question(s) per one programme / half an hour -or more?

The iGS on air is a digital-service and everyone can reach it online, I think. Is it available also on a simple radio-receiver without any internet access? -What's the radio frequency for Finland?

Is there, apart from iGS on air, a digital library-information-service on TV in Finland, too?

Where can I get more Information about iGS on air and other finnish digital library-information-services in english language?

Many thanks in advance!


Thank you for your interest.

iGS radio programme "Ask anything" started in 2003. The concept of the programme was developed together with the editorial board of Ylen aikainen. Ylen aikainen is a radio channel and part of the Finnish Broadcasting Company. iGS radio programme is broadcasted on this radio channel.

The radio listeners can send questions through the radio's web page or by phoning the editorial office of Ylen aikainen. The questions are conveyed to iGS radio team that picks one question to be answered live on air. The other questions and answers are shown on the webpages of Ylen aikainen and iGS.

The iGS radio team usually meets on Wednesday, picks the question and prepares the answer. The live radio programme is on air on Thursdays. Chosen questions vary. Usually we pick a question that we think will be interesting for the listeners. The listeners are mainly elderly people in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area. Length of the programme is about 10 minutes.

The iGS radio programme is not a digital service. The channel Ylen aikainen doesn´t broadcast it´s programmes on the internet. The programme is aired in Finland in Ylen aikainen (94,0 MHz). Our iGS web service gets the programmes from Ylen aikainen retrospectively and we publish them on our web service.

There is no digital library-information-service on TV in Finland. More information about iGS radio programme you can get from the chief editor of iGS service. You can contact Mrs. Rauha Maarno by e-mail or phone (, tel. +358503609122). She is available until the 13th of June 2008. After that you can contact Ms. Elina Suni (, tel. +358503609122).

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