Could you write about Physics so I can pass Science class?

Could you write about Physics so I can pass Science class?


Dear Student,
unfortunately (or luckily) writing student's essays is not part of our work. We can answer to questions like like "What is cloud computing?" or "Where can a 19 years old foreigner girl do theatre courses or find an amateur group in Helsinki/Porvoo?" But the idea of iGS is not to do student's homework.

Physics is a very large part of science. I have collected for you a list of books and web pages, so you can go further and maybe get help from these links.

The idea of studying is to work, learn how to search information, read and write and discuss with other students and so on. You really don't learn, if you got ready answers for everything. Sometimes learning is difficult and requires hard work, but usually it is worth it!

In case you have problems with your Science Class, I advice you to contact your teacher or supervisor and discuss how to solve the problem and pass the class.

For further reading in Physics:

Sciencia : mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and astronomy for all / [Burkard Polster ... et al.]

Knocking on heaven's door : how physics and scientific thinking illuminate the universe and the modern world / Lisa Randall

The infinity puzzle / Frank Close

Physics / Connie J. Wells

Physics for the IB diploma / K. A. Tsokos

Books are available for example at HelMet -libraries.

Web sources:

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, course materials:

American Physical Society Sites:

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