Could you please tell me what 'peltokumpu' means?

Could you please tell me what 'peltokumpu' means?

I came across this word when I was recently rereading Mika Waltari's story 'Fine van Brooklyn'. (Chapter 3, paragraph 4: Pysähdyin uteliaasti katselemaan keskellä peltokumpua paljastunutta muinaishautaa.) It was translated as 'sloping field'. 'Kumpu' means 'hillock' but I assume there is a connection with 'kumpuinen' and 'kumpuileva', which are more like 'undulating'. A Google search also throws up examples of the word as a surname and place name. Is there a specific definition of 'peltokumpu'? Why wouldn't it be in the largest available Finnish-English dictionaries? Kiitos etukäteen.


It´s a hilly, uneven field.

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