Copyright Law

Copyright Law

Hi, I have a question regarding copyright protection of the material. I borrowed a book from a library with a disclaimer: Teos on suojattu tekijänoikeuslailla. Teos on yhdistetty työkirja ja oppikirja. Teoksen luvaton kopiointi ja levittäminen on kiellety. Työkirja sivuja tai niiden osien valokopiointi, skannaminen tai muu digitaalinen kopiointi on kielletty, ellei siihen ole hankittuu lupaa. Tarkista, onko oppilaitoksellanne voimassolevat valokopiointi- ja digiluvat. Am I allowed to take photocopy or a scan of this book for a PERSONAL use (study) only?


Finnish Copyright Act Section 12 regulate:

“Reproduction for private use
(1) Anyone may make single copies for his private use of a work that has been made public. The copies thus made may not be used for other purposes.”


Kopiosto Copyright society / Digital Licence for educational use

“A few copies of works can be made for private use within the family; other copying of works is subject to a licence."

Photocopying in schools and educational institutions

Kopiosto is an umbrella organisation for associations representing performing artists, authors and publishers.

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