24th Feb.

24th Feb.

24th Feb. 2006

There was a report on TV news sometime around the middle of last month about the misuse by many employers of the employment subsidy (työllistämistuki in Finnish?). The report was issued by the Ministry of Labour. I am very interested in getting a copy of ONLY that report. Could you help to get it for me? Perhaps you can find it on the Internet (I did not succeed because of the Finnish language), or you could first confirm it with the TV station (I think it was YLE TV, but I am not sure) and contact the source of that report for a written copy.

I shall appreciate your assistance very much. Thank you.


Government Institute for Economic Research has recently published this report:
Aki Kangasharju: Do Wages Subsidies Increase Employment in Subsidised Firms?

Hopefully this is the report you were after.

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