1991 Hockey games Italy - USSR B

1991 Hockey games Italy - USSR B

Please, help to find game stats (and rosters) about 2 hockey matches between national team of Italy and olympic team of USSR: 11.08.1991 Selva. Italy - USSR B - 2:6 12.08.1991 Kanzi. Italy - USSR B - 2:5. Mikhail.


We couldn't find any information about the matches you mentioned. The annual Finnish ice hockey book called "Jääkiekkokirja 1991-92" lists all the important events and league tables from Finland and around the world. The book doesn't have any information about the games between Italy and USSR.

I found excellent website about the greatest national hockey team of all time USSR:

The website lists almost all the games by USSR, but only the games by USSR A, not B. So we are sorry to tell you that we couldn't find any information about the matches.

You could get the information from Italian ice hockey federation Federazione Italiana Sport Del Ghiaccio:

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