About the service

About the service

What is Kysy.fi?

Kysy.fi is Helsinki City Library's virtual reference service. You can send your question on any subject through our web-page.

The questions are answered by library officials and librarians at the Helsinki City Library. Registered users may also answer some questions. You can receive several answers to the same question.

In general, the library staff responds to the question first, but some questions are submitted to registered users for reply. The questions and answers are stored in a public archive, and are thus available to all.

If you register at the service or include a valid email address in your question, the answer is sent to you by email.

As a registered user you can subscribe to questions. Notifications about new answers and comments will be sent to your e-mail.

All questions are handled confidentially. Your contact information will be used only for replying purposes. Registered users answering questions are not able to see other users’ email addresses.

The eLibrary Unit of the Helsinki City Library is responsible for the development and maintenance of the service. Please give feedback through the Helsinki City Library feedback form.

Editorial rights

The Kysy.fi editorial board reserves the right to refrain from publishing any question and its corresponding answer.

Helsinki City Library is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages or inconveniences caused by the answers given by registered users.

iGS – information Gas Station

Kysy.fi continues the iGS - information Gas Station reference service. iGS answered over 80,000 questions during the years 2001–2012. iGS questions have been transferred to Kysy.fi.